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Recovery to me is regaining my lost life or rebuilding the person who I once was. Addiction isn’t solely based mood alternating substances, it could also be people, shopping, gaming, etc. I was bullied, sexually abused which led to me being suicidal. I was the case for my mother’s health and life detouring, and that why I got into recovery but today I am in recovery for myself. I always used to thing why me? But today my tag line is – try me. The youth of today definitely need help and they need to know that they are not alone.

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Recovery is very important to me. Coming into recovery has got back what I once lost especially my loved ones. In recovery, I have been working on myself and everything else automatically falls in place. Addiction is a bad disease and the only way for me to get into recovery is to admit that I am powerless over my disease and ask for help. I mainly started using drugs to numb the pain I was feeling. I was hurt and drugs was my escape until one day I woke up in a prison cell with random people, this was my wake up call to ask for help, few years down the lane I realized that I am not alone and my family still loved and wanted me even though I was an addict. I feel that my story can speak to a lot of other addicts/ youth. I have a lot of experience that I can share and make them realize that there is beauty in life without substance abuse. I keep telling myself to go with the flow and my motto is ‘we learn from our past mistakes today, we practise what we learnt and tomorrow we achieve our goals’.