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Addiction is any obsessive compulsive behaviour that affects people physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. This includes alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, compulsive gambling etc. In other words it is a killer disease which affects the person and also the people around him or her. Recovery is a process by which the alcoholic/addict goes through stages and can face life on life’s terms and deal with society on a day to day basis without losing their serenity. As a teen I was attracted to negativity and had emotional issues. It led to me using drugs and alcohol which I thought gave me the balance to face life. 9 years of addiction was hell and then I finally got the message in September 1991. I understood the disease and I had to follow directions in order to help myself. My family, friends, well wishers, and the fact that I was almost dead made me get into recovery. I help addicts because I can relate with them. People, Places and Situations are different but the addiction is the same. I am 29 years away from active addiction, and my tag line is – ‘Nobody is a hopeless case’. If you have the desire, you can be better than what you think you are.

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ChiEf counselor

Addiction is a disease. You can draw parallels with diabetes, Everyone takes sugar but not everyone is a diabetic, Everyone drinks but not everyone is an alcoholic. I am in the counselling field for 33 years now and I can identify with alcoholics and drug addicts because I had gone through the same pain and my mentor had helped me through it. Recovery to me is the process of self- identification and giving up alcohol, drugs or other addictions with consent which is the only long lasting solution. My mantra is ‘This too shall pass and there is hope’, There is a painful phase during this transition, but don’t give up. We are all going through some form of transition at all times.